Monday, January 09, 2006

Proof that Advertising Works

Diane posted a few weeks ago about how well McDonald's advertising works. (Read my comment too) Why is it ...

Today was another example. I need an oil change. They are five dollars cheaper in the town where I work, and less if you can get a coupon. I couldn't find a coupon ANYWHERE. Finally I remembered, on the back of the receipts at one of the local grocery stores is advertising and coupons for oil changes. So, at lunch I went and bought milk (which I also needed) and a few other things (which I didn't need). On the back of my receipt? Yep, the coupon in question!

Moral of the story? Advertising works. The grocery store got my business and the oil change place will too.

Yeah me :D



Veronica in Aus said...

Hmph! Thanks for that. Now I am craving fries.....cos, yes I had to go see what Diane's post was about ;)

Emmy said...

Who's your enabler? *lol*


Yeah McD's got me the other day!