Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why I Like Country Music Part 2

After a week of almost continuous George Strait I’ve realized another reason I like country music...true, traditional country music. It’s the fiddles! One of my all time favourite George songs is “Heartland”. It starts with “When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar..."

My paternal grandfather used to play the fiddle. In fact he was a champion fiddle player and has many trophies and plaques to prove it. As he got older the hardest part for our family to come to terms with was the fact that he couldn’t play his fiddle like he used to. I have great memories of family reunions where Grandpa would pull out his fiddle and Uncle Tony his accordion and they’d have a jam session. Under the stars, in the basement, where ever they could find room.

The fiddle music in a lot of country music reminds me of Grandpa and those special times.


When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar
You're listenin' to the sound of the American heart
And opry music on a Saturday night
Brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye

Sing a song about the Heartland
The only place I feel at home
Sing about the way a good man
Works until the daylight's gone
Sing the rain on the roof on a summer night
Where they still know wrong from right
Sing a song about the Heartland
Sing a song about my life


Veronica in Aus said...

I always wanted to play my violin like a fiddle....I am, however, classically trained :sigh:

But I prefer the Irish fiddle :P

Emmy said...

Heartland is my favorite George song of all time!
It just makes ya happy to listen to it =)

agent713 said...

V I *love* Irish fiddle and celtic music. Did you know that some people think Keith Urban sounds Celtic? Interesting.

Emmy, I mentioned the theory outlined in this blog entry to my mom last night. (The fact that I like country music because of the fiddles). *SHE* brought up "Heartland"! She was like "well, isn't that how that song goes? 'Twin fiddles and a steel guitar'?" Guess I'm on the right track :)


Veronica in Aus said...

Hmmm - might have to check out Keith Urban's music then.....

One day....I might have the time and inclination to pick up my violin and learn some Irish day ;)