Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I caught about fifteen minutes of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" last night. This chick named Jennifer was on and playing like I only hope I could if I was on. Going with her gut and quickly blurting out "A, (choice), final answer" and then moving on. Granted she had what I felt were easy questions but she didn't think about it so it was good. For the $25,000 question (after I had decided that I really liked her and we could be good friends) it was something along the lines of "Which South African plant is used as an ingredient in weight loss products" and it listed four including kava and hoodia. I immediately exclaimed that I hadn't heard of any of them and that she should walk with her $16,000. She took the time to call her future mother-in-law and used the 50/50 but in the end, she walked with the $16,000 just like I had predicted. I was very proud of her LOL

I just went to talk to my co-worker. She's making tea and offered me some. Apparently it's a "slimming tea" and has HOODIA in it! No, I'm not having any (still don't do tea) but what are the chances? I love game shows :)



Veronica in Aus said...

Oh - I love Who wants to be a Millionaire - of course, we have our own Australian version (not currently showing as there is NO good TV on at the moment) - I sit there and yell answers at the TV screen - and tell the players they're nuts for answering a question they clearly don't know.

We only just had our first Million dollar winner last year - and he completely flew by the seat of his pants. The million dollar question - HE GUESSED THE ANSWER!!!! I was amazed. I was in pain watching. I could barely watch....but his gamble paid off.

So anyway - Hoodia - will file it away with all the other useless information fo rwhen one day I get up enough guts to go on Who wants to be a Millionaire ;)

Wendy said...

When you go to Fiji, try Kava. hee hee. Definately not found in tea! Otherwise we would all be high all the time. Its a muddy looking drink made from the root of a plant and as soon as it hits your lips they go numb. So you can only imagine what it does to the rest of you!

dawn said...

Probably the only reason I would know that answer is because I get about 30 SPAM messages a day in my work Inbox proclaiming something-or-other about Hoodia :(

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