Monday, January 30, 2006


Anyone who knows me knows I dream A LOT, and VERY vividly. Normally my dreams are associated to events that have happened during the day or things I was thinking about. Typically I remember my dreams, or at least the feelings I felt during them. Most of the times they are good dreams (especially when they are about Dierks or Kenny :))

Last night I was dreaming about making cards (surprise!) and I needed a certain stamp. I knew where it was, in the room just outside my bedroom. I ACTUALLY GOT UP to go and look for it. Of course it wasn't there <_< and I was awake enough to realize it so I'm standing there, in my night shirt and I go "hmmm...well...since I'm up, I may as well go to the bathroom!" Which I did.

Sleepwalking or semi-sleep walking is NOT normal for me so that was just weird. We'll see how tonight goes!



Veronica in Aus said...

:o Sleepwalking!!! That's interesting....and to find scrapbook supplies, no less ;) (that's not so surprising LOL)

I've been known to talk in my sleep but not walk.

Emmy said...

I think it's the twin thing, I am a walker and talker =)