Monday, January 02, 2006

I Love My Bed

I really do. I love it. It took me forever to decide on it does for most big purchases I make. I mean it took me four months to decide on a car and then when I needed a new one after the accident I bought an identical one so I wouldn't have to make any choices! Back to my bed. It is the perfect firmness and everything. I bought it at a discount store downtown, after shopping at Sleep Country and the Brick and places and I got it for $600 even. That included the mattress, box spring, bed frame, a mattress pad, new pillow, taxes and delivery. A pretty good deal.

I enjoy travelling but I love coming back home to my bed, especially when there are clean sheets on it :) Right now for winter, I have my top sheet, an old comforter that I've used for YEARS (it used to belong to my mom), two fleece blankets, my comforter, and a vellux blanket. It is heavy but so comforting since my room is so cold. It's like a little cocoon. Wonderful :)

Yep. I love my bed :)

~Heidi...who was NOT impressed that she had to leave it so early this morning.


Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - you deliberate on those big purchases.

Me - I'm an impulse buyer.

My car - I bought it sight unseen. I knew what car I wanted and ordered it through the dealer - never even set foot in the dealership (he came to me!) Did that with all three cars I have owned.

My bed - the frame is an antique cast iron one. I requested it for my 21st birthday and my family bought it for me. The matress is just one I "stole" when we were dismantling a deceased friend's house.

But I love both my car and my bed ;)

Welcome back to work (ugh!!)

tosin said...

Before I go away on vacation, I always make sure the house is clean and there are clean sheets on the bed. I LOVE coming home to that.

Mel said...

I LOVE coming home to my bed... it is a Select Comfort... everyone of my close family members has one!!!
Dh and I even make a big deal when we come home and get to sleep in it for the first time in X number of days.