Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Road & The Radio

I just finished scrapbooking this as a page in my woefully neglected "Book of Me". With a few edits, here is the journalling from that page:

After commuting for over a year I’ve learned to really appreciate the radio. CD’s are great. They definitely have their place and are perfect for “at your fingers music” but there is something magical in scanning the radio dial and hearing your favourite artist or a favourite song. You never know what is coming next and there is a level of anticipation that CD’s can never match.

Depending on where I am in my commute I can usually tune into five different country radio stations as well as a variety of other formats. 93.7 JRfm is available basically the whole way up the valley. From work I can normally tune into 102.9 Q Country from Seattle as well. I know the exact point on the highway where Country 107.1 is clear enough to listen to. (Coincidently it’s when I see the JRfm billboard.) At home and points west, depending on the weather, I can usually catch 94.1 KMPS and the brand new 100.7 the Wolf, both out of Seattle as well.

Each station has their own radio personalities and while Mom may complain that they “talk too much” I often enjoy listening to them. It’s nice to hear a voice just speaking instead of singing sometimes. I split my mornings between Clay and Karen on JRfm, Doug Kirkwood on Country 107.1 and Big D and Bubba on Q Country. Big D and Bubba are a nationally syndicated show and they have awesome guests and crazy antics.

In the afternoons Chris Coburn on JR will often make me laugh out loud. He’s got a great view on the world. Terry Chan on Country 107.1 and Kevin the Busman on Q Country provide their share of comic relief as well.

It’s all about the music though. On the radio you get brand new singles, old favourites, country classics and everything in between. The only thing I DON’T like on the radio is the ads. Anyone who has spent any amount of time stuck in a vehicle can probably relate. They get repetitive really fast and very boring. Because of the ads I am a “flipper”. If an ad comes on, or a song that I don’t really like, I’ll flip to another station. All the stations listed here are pre-sets on my dial and I can scan through them in a couple of seconds. My favourite times are when I can get my favourite artist back to back. I’ve heard up to four George Strait songs in a row just from flipping. Definitely worth it :D I’ve also been known to flip between the radio and a CD. If a CD can hold my attention and NOT make me want to check to see what’s on the radio then it is a definite keeper.

The lyrics from the title track of Kenny Chesney’s newest CD really hit home with me. Long live country radio!

"The Road And The Radio"

Ain't nothing out here but me, the road and the radio
Looking for an exit and a song that I might know
Counting down the memories and adding up the miles
Searching for a feeling I ain't felt in a while

Clarity and inspiration
Happiness is a destination that's hard to find
It may take some time
But in my mind there's something more
And I'll open up a brand new door
And find the strength to close the ones I left behind
And I'll get there leanin' on some friends I know:
The road and the radio


Veronica in Aus said...

Very cool Heidi - so do we get to see the page at all??

agent713 said...

It's *really* boring. Just the text that I posted here, the radio station logos sprinkled around it and "The Road & The Radio" in GAW, all on the natural crosshatch perfect fit paper.

If I remember I'll try and take a picture but honestly, you're not missing anything :)


Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - well you rally know how to sell a thing. Maybe it fits into one of the challenges already set for the BOM? If so post it to the relevant thread (when SS is back up and running)....I still want to see it even if you think it isn't all that flash ;)

agent713 said...

LOL Okay. Probably under a "music" section...although I have other ideas for music pages. Now if I could just get some images to print... (they keep crashing my computer <_< )

Emmy said...

I miss my KMPS!
Good job on updating BoM twin!