Friday, January 13, 2006

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Have you ever read this book? It was recommended on SS a couple months ago so I got it from the library. I loved it. I don't normally read "classics" for pleasure but this one really stuck with me. Here is the review from Amazon: clicky

After I read it I decided I wanted a copy for myself. I VERY rarely actually purchase books so that means a lot. I also decided that since it is an older book (originally published in 1943) it would be kind of cool to see if I could get an older edition. I checked at a few used book stores but none of them had any in stock. I put my name down and they promised they'd call if they got a copy.

Monday, they called. As an aside it was great timing. The book store in the town where I work takes used books in exchange for cash or credit. (Credit is 50% of what they'll sell it for, cash is 25%). Sunday evening my mom had given me a box of books to drop off! Thursday's are when the "Book Man" is "in" so yesterday I took the box of books and picked up my copy of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. We got just over $7 for the books we turned in and my book was $6. Here's the cool part. The edition I got is a third printing, from 1945! It is in GREAT shape. Just a plain black cover with red text on the spine. Plus it's got that awesome "used book smell". I am so excited. It's *exactly* what I was hoping for :)

I don't have any plans to re-read the book right now but it is enough to just have it on my shelf :)


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