Thursday, January 19, 2006


I "won" my first Ebay auction yesterday. A few days ago I did a search to see if Brad's Christmas song "364 Days to Go" was available. It was and the starting bid was $1.99 USD. I impulsively put down $2.25. Apparently Christmas CD's aren't very popular in January so I was the high bidder. $2.25 plus $1.99 for shipping, in Canadian funds is just over $5. I processed my payment via paypal this morning. The seller has 100% feed back so now I just wait. There's a song from Kenny on there too! Here's a link to the auction: clicky
~Heidi...wild girl :P


Emmy said...

We better hold you back! You're going crazy now! :D
Awesome on the win ... watch out eBay is so addicting!

agent713 said...

I figure five bucks for otherwise unavailable material is pretty good :) I just have to be sure to not really get my heart set on something!