Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

So far, today has been really good. It's still pouring, but that's nothing new. I was a bit worried yesterday when I coasted in to town on an empty gas tank and saw that the price had lept to 0.939. This morning it was back down to 0.844. Good thing I waited!

When I got to work my new flat screen was here. I've hooked it up and everything looks great! Now I just have to rearrange my desk and get used to not having a massive monitor sitting here.

9:52 am and all is well :)



Emmy said...

Your gas prices are 84 cents a gallon? or 93 cents a gallon? I am so moving to Canada if that is the case!

agent713 said...

84 cents a LITRE. There are something like 3.62 litres in an American gallon. Don't come up here any time soon :P
~Heidi...who wondered if she'd have to clarify that :D

Veronica in Aus said...

And in Australia it is currently about $1.25 per Litre!!!!! :O I think I am working to pay my petrol (gas) bill ;)